SEO Engine


Can you get my site to rank #1 for my keywords?

The truth is, no company can claim to make you rank #1 or on page 1 for any keyword by merely using SEO practices without paying for it. They can certainly improve your overall rankings, but if they make such a bold promise, it should raise a red flag. I will help improve your rankings, but I will not guarantee you a specific ranking.

How long before I can expect to see results?

Since SEO is a slow building process that relies on the overall foundation and structure of your website, it can take up to 2-3 months. Even after you begin to see improvements, adjustments will need to be made and fine-tuned as technology advances and search engines are updated.

Would a blog on my site improve SEO?

It certainly wouldn't hurt, unless you don't keep it updated. Since blogs are typically updated more often, they do tend to get indexed and spider crawled by search engines more often than static websites that are updated less often. Plus, a blog is an easy way to keep a site updated with fresh information and helps keep one on a blogging schedule if they are intentional about it.

Should I buy several keyword domains?

Buying a bunch of keyword domains may seem like a great idea, but in the long run your deception could be uncovered and it could hurt your credibility with search engines. Plus, it takes a lot of work to keep several sites updated and running. If they just sit there with static webpages, those domains will lose their relevancy in the rankings and other sites will always beat them out regardless of their domain name. My advice is save your money and use it for something more profitable.

What Is SEO?

An acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's the process of structuring your site by industry standards and best practices to continually improve the functionality, performance, and search engine rankings on the web with the intent to increase web traffic and conversion sales. SEO is organic traffic that is accumulated naturally without paid advertising.

With the development of new technologies, search engines are becoming smarter and better at ranking websites that contain relevant content to specific keywords and search phrases typed by users. This means it isn't enough to have appropriate metatags, keywords, and headings embedded into your webpages to catch the attention of search engines.

All your content needs to be high quality, unduplicated, original and refreshed as often as possible. For instance, if you post excellent content today on a particular subject, but do not update it over the next year to keep up with changes, it will not get re-indexed by search engines and will continue to fall in the rankings as newer content is uploaded on other websites and they rank higher. Since blogs are updated more often, they tend to rank higher than static websites. The algorithms used by search engines are constantly being updated.

Website Strategy Analysis

When I contract with a new client, one of the first things I do is an analysis of their current website strategies. I'll provide a report of what processes are in place and working well, items that could be improved with suggestions on how to make those improvements, and an honest list of what isn't working with recommendations on new strategies to try.

The Power of SEO

  • Build branding and credibility with search engines & ultimately...customers

  • Attract relevant customers interested in your products & services

  • Gain insight into your customers' search behaviors & meet their needs

  • Build back-linking organically, not through paid purchases that lose relevancy

  • Utilize integrated social media for inbound marketing with SEO tools

  • SEO Management techniques for your website is like an oil change to your car

  • SEO will not give you #1 top page ranking, only better rankings

  • Optimized webpages are better understood by search engines

  • SEO alone doesn't work, build it into your overall digital marketing strategies for better results

  • Out of all the digital marketing techniques out there, I believe SEO is the most misunderstood process on the web. Business leaders, and even some marketers, have read misguided information and unknowingly bought into the myths and lies of various scammers.

    Organic rankings take time to build and improve. It isn't an overnight process, but always on-going--just like business. You can't invest in SEO for a period of 6 months and expect it to carry your business over the next 2 years. Once you implement SEO practices, you will have to continue them in order to keep benefiting from the effort. SEO should be part of your business model.

    Feel free to contact me to discuss any questions you might have about SEO and your business needs.